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Have you ever had that hair cut that you love or hate?


Well I have had both but right now I have the one I hate, this lead me to write about hair cuts and the emotional feelings attached to our hair.

I have been hairdressing for approx. 30  years, quite a long time, I have learnt that not one head or hair cut is the same, our hair is unique to us all,  you might question that statement but it is true,  even though you see generic hair syles and ask the hairdresser can you cut it like this or that?.  Every head is different the flow of hair the hairline the shape of the hairline the height the width, the crowns, either single or double, strong or weak, widows peaks and cowlicks, fine, thin, thick, curly, straight, half curly and half straight,  scars, dents, spots, psoriasis, eczema, the list goes on and while yes you get the style you want it is cut around your individual shaped head and hair type, it is a challenge for any hairdresser, one just starting out or 30 odd years experience like me. All heads are not equal, and not the same. Some easier than others that is all.

I learnt as an apprentice that your hair is your crowning glory and over time have learnt how true that statement is.  We feel fantastic when we get a great hair cut, a great color, or a trim. We feel confident and able to face the world we get things done and when we look into the mirror we unconsciously say to ourselves I feel great. You think I am catering to vanity here, but read on and I will explain just how your hair effects your life. When training apprentices I taught them what I was taught your hair IS your crowning glory.

I have moved away from hairdressing as some of you all may know, I studied Naturopathy and have a Herbal Diploma. I developed a product called Emotional Rescue Skincare, a range of  body lotions using NZ flower essences for calming the nervous system. Paraben Free I must add. It all came about from the thousands of hair cuts and talking to the clients about (you name it) then I realise that hairdressing is more than a hair cut, it is how the person perceives themselves, how they view the world and how they think the world views them.

Animals recognise each other buy their spots and stripes, in other words their fur, look at the Loin and his main? No wonder is his called the King of the jungle.

When training my apprentises so they could fully understand the importance of the client and the hair cut, I would use this scenario below. How hair effects your life. And How you Feel.

Two woman have been doing their gardening and both have their old shabby clothes on and they go off to town to get supplies, neither ladies want to be seen but events out of their contol find them looking for the car keys which they think they have thrown in the rubbish bin. Highly embarrassed (feelings) but with no choice the ladies have to sift through the rubbish on the busy  street to find the keys. The first lady digs around and everyone walks past looking, no one stops to help her, she looks dirty from her gardening and her hair is oily and messy, she cant find the keys, her friend steps in to dig through the rubbish her clothes are just as dirty, but her hair is lovely, groomed and cut well, before she has to dig too far she is offered assistance from passerbys, asking are you alright? Can I help you? they offer to help, they trust her, they can see she is well groomed, they have judged her by her hair.  The make the assumption that this lady is trustworthy and needs help, even though she has old dirty clothes, like her friend, but because her hair looks clean and well groomed, offers of help came her way .

It is fair to say we judge everyone by the way we wear our hair, teenagers with funky hairstyles, certain haircuts, and colors are all categorised in our unconscious minds as who we think they are and if we will trust them. Then we judge ourselves and how we feel with our own hair. Hairdresser are in a powerful position because they hold the scissors A mark of a good hairdresser is one who always listens to the client and understands how a hair cut will make the client feel .

I always cut my own hair I have done so for years and I feel it looks good it suits me and I FEEL happy with it. I needed a bit more shaping, nothing major came out of the hairdressers with very short hair, not what I wanted or liked at all. I hate it, it will grow I know, but it will take at least 6 months to get it back to a length that I feel comfortable with. I dont look and Feel like me, I just dont like having short hair.  I have had it short in the past and hated it then too, so why did the hairdresser not give me the shape I wanted?  Who knows? I think she though it would look trendy if she cut it like !! not really knowing my hair type, or hair line. I only know I can feel my hair sitting on top of my head like a pom pom,  man I want it to grow NOW .

A hair cut is more about how you FEEL than how you look. now I need my Emotional Rescue Skincare, so I am using it , My skin feels great,  I  look at my hair, it will grow.  I Feel better. People who dont know me will like it I guess, the ones who do know me look surprised. I can only laugh, Please Hair GROW fast I will be kind and nice to you I am grateful I do have hair as some do not. I am grateful that it will grow .